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That's almost 10 per cent of Canada's sugar output.

The complex also has become a favourite spot for film shoots, with more than 120 productions having been shot there in recent years, ranging from TV series like Dark Angel to features like Cat Woman and music videos like REM's Animal. " Public access to the site has been cut off because of Port of Vancouver restrictions.

The BC Sugar property is 13.5 acres, and includes 20 buildings, a dock and a little park.

There are a couple of art deco buildings from the 1940s, a 1950s-modern office building, and a 300-foot long, 50-foot high storage facility packed with mountains of raw sugar.

Excavations are underway at the site of a 5,000 year old burial site in Wiltshire.

The monument, which was found in a field between Avebury and Stonehenge, will be the first to be fully investigated in the county for 50 years.

This is the case of an ancient British religious site dating back thousands of years which contain secret messages that are only visible at night.

The discovery suggests that thousands of years ago, someone left behind intricate messages on the rock, specifically designed to be only visible in the darkness.

Two samples were submitted for radiocarbon dating which produced Late Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age determinations.” “During the fieldwork, it became apparent that the rock art was far more extensive than had been thought, and that it was most evident when viewed in low sunlight from the southeast or by moonlight.

"I've got Indigenous blood in my veins," said Pelley.

The buildings of Taets are part of the industrial heritage on the Hembrug terrain, a monumental industrial terrain dating from 1897.

On the Hembrug terrain, you can eat and drink, shop, visit a museum or take a look at the craftsmen studios.

In short, a unique place where there is always something to do.