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“I don’t have anything to hide,” adding, “but I’d rather the emphasis be on music.”, I’ve selfishly hoped Annie would feel comfortable enough to give voice to her being LGBT-identified in some capacity and challenge the notions that successful rock musicians are most often straight (or perceived as such).Annie is someone who is outspoken about her ideas on other topics (including not wanting to be ghettoized and play women only festivals such as Lilith Fair), so it would only make sense that she would also share the imperativeness of queer-friendly spaces, venues and situations for fans.Her mother is a social worker turned administrator for a non-profit organization and her stepfather works in the tax business. In retrospect, Clark said, "I think that with music school and art school, or school in any form, there has to be some system of grading and measurement. While all that is good and has its place, at some point you have to learn all you can and then forget everything that you learned in order to actually start making music." While attending Berklee, Clark studied with Professor of Guitar, Lauren Passarelli.Clark's parents divorced when she was three years old, and she moved to Dallas, Texas when she was seven years old with her mother and two older sisters. Shortly after leaving Berklee, Clark returned home to Texas where she joined The Polyphonic Spree just before their embarking on a European tour.David Byrne was born , in Dumbarton, Scotland, to parents Tom (from Lambhill, Glasgow) and Emma. Two years after his birth, his parents moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and then to Arbutus, Maryland, in the United States, when he was 8 or 9 years old. Before high school, Byrne already knew how to play the guitar, accordion, and violin.He was rejected from his middle school's choir because they claimed he was "off-key and too withdrawn".

He started his musical career in a high school band called Revelation, then between 19, he was one half of a duo named Bizadi with Marc Kehoe.‘s chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff said in a statement.“These portraits epitomize individuality, embracing the natural beauty and unique style of each talent.” “I think being an individual is one of the more exciting things about being alive,” Zoe told . To live, love, and express ourselves.” Showcasing her “timeless and innovative style,” Janelle is wearing a Return to Tiffany classic heart pendant and Tiffany Hard Wear rings, while Zoe is wearing the latest Tiffany Hard Wear designs and the Return to Tiffany pendant in a bold new way.But the world of indie rock is still male-driven, very white and very straight. A multi-instrumentalist with interesting approaches to songwriting and an insatiable voice, St.The women musicians who are able to break through are often ten times more talented than their male counterparts, and once in a while they are given their due respect. Vincent’s five albums (four solo, one with David Byrne) have been both critically hailed and adored by music fans of all creeds. I don’t really identify as anything.” She points to her adopted home: “New York is where all the freaks from all the places converge.The album won her a Grammy for Best Alternative Album, her first Grammy award.